Saturday, March 20, 2010

The Greatest Rummage Sale On Earth

At oh-dark-hundred hours this morning, our dawn posse went into action. Doug, Dot, and Todd (try saying that fast after just a few hours sleep) helped us set up for the Greatest Rummage Sale On Earth. We worked in silence and avoided eye contact, a factor so important to some of us at that time of the morning that we wore sunglasses even though it was pitch black.

Casey showed up shortly after wearing her headlamp, which, as a fashion statement certainly rivaled my own of wearing a dress over sweatpants but also shared the sense that practicality was going to win the day over finesse.

We started gaining an audience at around 6am as our Early Birds started to arrive. Early. And at 6:45am our security crew assembled to protect us. They didn't say much, just stood around looking mean and nasty and helping pregnant women with their heavy electronics. We were very happy to have them and their presence certainly helped people behave themselves.

By 7am, the line outside the Old Gym was nearly round the corner. There was the group of ladies who called their friends and screamed when they got in. There was the little girl who told me very intently that it was really, really, *really* important that she get a doll for less than six dollars and the man for whom getting a good deal on books was so essential that he brought his own bar code scanner. My, this was serious stuff.

At 8am, the Sale opened to the rest of the public. Suffice to say they came, they saw, they left with bags bigger than those under my eyes. The Rummage Sale Warriors are weary but content and looking forward to eating a meal containing a green vegetable for the first time in over a week.

Tomorrow, we price to move. 50% discounts, $5 bag sales in clothes and books. Get the word out. There's still great stuff to be bought and at these prices, fantastic bargains to be had. Starts 9am. Be there.

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