Wednesday, March 17, 2010

The Excitement Is Mounting...

Someone unconnected with the school told me this morning they had seen rummage sale fliers posted. Have you seen the sandwich boards are up around town? Anticipation is mounting amongst the committee as we turn our thoughts to the weekend.

There's still a long way to go but the Gym is starting to come together and, as you can see, volunteers come prepared. It's beginning to look organized and under control. By midday tomorrow we should be pricing, and Friday we will put the extra, and lucrative, touches in place.

We still need helpers especially heavies; men who can lift and test things. We need toy testers and game checkers and Coke (the Diet Zero kind.) If you can spare even half an hour, please just come on by - everyone is welcome.

On the weekend, our biggest needs right now are for organizers - people who float around, keeping things neat as our bargain hunters search their prey. There's no need to have had any experience of the rummage sale to that point; it's a quiet, almost invisible job but one that is incredibly important as it keeps things organized and calm amongst a frenzy of activity. Think of it like picking up around kids, keeping the environment clutter-free so that the stress levels and frustration don't rise, and their goals are achieved. I know you know all about that ;-)

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