Friday, March 12, 2010

This Is My Last Day... look presentable. Tonight, the decent clothes will be consigned to the closet, the makeup bag closed and the hairbrush put away in a drawer. In their stead, out will come the sweats, the tennis shoes and the headscarf as the Warriors of the San Carlos Charter Learning Center attempt to do what The Governator himself cannot - that is, pay for our children's education.

Our Rummage Sale starts one week from tomorrow on Saturday March 20 at 7am and we have rummage scattered all over town. Beds are in basements, clothes are in cottages, paperbacks are in pods. Tomorrow, an army of battle-hungry soldiers will transport our donations in their sturdy, reinforced armoured vehicles (aka mini-vans) to the Old Gym. When that deed is done, we will stand back and gulp at the size of the task before us. Thoughts of "what have we done?" "how will we do it?" and "can I run away?" will cross our minds. But then, fortified by caffeine and Girl Scout cookies, we will launch our campaign to defeat the challenge that stands before us.

Shock and awe. Awe and shock. We will straighten our backs, take a deep breath and advance under the steely eyes and exemplary organization of our leaders. Our strategy is simple; to keep going until it is done. One step after another. Dawn to dusk, for as long as it takes. And I'm keeping my jewelry away from the table marked "Valuables."

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