Saturday, March 13, 2010

Shock. Then Awe.

At precisely 7:45am this morning, our dedicated operatives went into action. Tanks, sorry, trucks moved into their positions around the city, loaders stationed themselves in driveways and unloaders practiced readiness outside the Old Gym. What followed was wave after wave of incredible teamwork underpinned by strategic thinking and tactical endeavor. Each driver got his or her truck filled, then drove to the school; and as soon as the vehicle was unloaded, it immediately swooped off to the next point of action while the donations were sorted inside the Gym.

Over and over and over again this happened, everyone working in virtual silence as they concentrated on the job in hand. I don't think I have ever seen so many people working in total unison like that; they were like a machine. Truly awesome.

Three people in particular deserve a mention. Carlos, Ryan and Jimmy, from Project 90, volunteered their time and were truly magnificent. They provided muscle, good humor and prevented a Merc owner who lived opposite the Smiths from becoming very unhappy on several occasions. If anyone needs a team with such a work ethic, please let Gretchen, Michelle or me know and we would be happy to provide you with their information. They were real stars.

This afternoon, we started the job of sorting. The job is, er, not for those easily intimidated. We have mounds and mounds and mounds of stuff. It's hard to move around. The floor is virtually covered. The stage is full of clothes. And we can't even get to the Baby section.

But we will return tomorrow to continue the fight. It is a battle we will ultimately win. This time next week, the first day of our Rummage Sale will be over and we will be relaxing and telling stories of the day. And hopefully, counting lots of money.

But that's a ways away. After a long, hard first day, it is time to thank our great Trojans of War for their incredible Dunkirk spirit, thank all those who provided us with refreshment to keep our energies and morale up and particular thanks must go to PG&E, Benjamin Franklin and whoever else was involved in the presence of hot water in my bath this evening.


  1. You people are ROCKSTARS!! Go go go!!

  2. The day was such a rush. Thank you for describing it so perfectly. :)