Thursday, March 18, 2010

The Rummage Sale Is Ready To Rumble!

OK, so it's 11:45pm on Thursday night and I have just left the Old Gym. A number of volunteers are still there. We are pricing everything and there is soooooooo much to sell, it's taking ages. This means that we have loads of opportunity to make money; it also means that we have got to have loads of bargain hunters to give it to us in exchange for our goods. There are books to the ceiling, more toys than a child could ever want, clothes that come from Nordstrom and a furniture section that resembles Pottery Barn. On a good day. It is astounding.

So, people, listen up: Forward these details to your friends, nag your neighbors, mail your mother's clubs, lobby your Little League and even spam complete strangers; we seriously need to move this stuff. Talk it up. Remember, our goal is $20,000 smackers.

Saturday March 20 and Sunday March 21, 2010
3/20: 8am - 3pm;
Early Bird 7am/$10 admission
3/21: 9am - 1pm

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