Monday, March 22, 2010

And The Award Goes To...

Yes, yes, yes, yes, YES! It seems absurd that just a year ago, we were hoping to raise $10,000 with our little rummage sale in order to make a tiny dent in the money needed to keep our school running. It seemed a massive task back then and yet here we are twelve months later, having raised over three times that amount just by selling things we no longer want. Makes you wonder about the structure upon which the whole of society is based.

As the Goodwill trucks chug off into the distance, our feet start to return to normal and the woman on the next table wants one of whatever I'm having, it seems only fitting that after such a wonderful, wild and successful event we mark it by honoring a few of those whose contribution to the rummage sale industry at CLC was notable in some way. This is by no means an exhaustive list - there are waaaaaay too many people to do that - this is simply my attempt to inject a bit of brevity (ha!) and humor into a situation that can become self-aggrandizing and bloated - call me the Steve Martin (or maybe the Alec Baldwin - you choose) of our time: I herein announce the advent of the first SCCLC Rummage Sale awards; we shall call them The Rummies!

Unfortunately, we couldn't ask all those necessary to be physically present; no time for dieting, liposuction, colonics, dress fittings or the cosmetic surgery bruises to die down so I shall have to paint a picture and do it via email. Envision if you will, people sitting in all their splendor on chairs in the Old Gym (I know it's not the most elegant of venues but we prettied it up with leftovers from Spring Fling,) quietly anticipating the profundity of the event to come.

I asked Arnie if he could present the Awards but he was busy - out buying Maria a Bluetooth headset. He did promise to show up next year but when I mentioned we'd used eBay to raise funds, he went strangely quiet. Hmmm, if Arnie's fellow rivals for Governor were "girly men," would he call the Warrior Women of the Rummage Sale, "manly girls"? Perhaps he's scared. With good reason, in my opinion...So without further ado, it behooves little, humble me to announce the winners of the First Annual SCCLC Rummies and get the show on the road! (Drumroll, cymbals crashing - the man who bought the toy music set offered to do that :)

- The Hermione Award for hard work, dedication and the ability to remember spells and solutions to problems when all those around her were losing their heads goes to...Amy Truel!

- The I-Don't-Care-If-My-Neighbors-Don't-Like-Me-Even-Though-I've-Only-Just-Moved-In Award goes to The Smiths for their willingness to turn a perfectly good basement into a place which looked like three moving trucks had exploded.

- The Hercules Award goes to Giovanni Unpronounceable Last Name for saving the necks of the Clothing section customers (and therefore also those of the School District) by erecting a sturdy handrail on those scary stairs to the stage. Handrail will outlive stage by many years, if you ask me.

- Karen Latina wins the Julia/Harry Potter Award. Her ability to be in charge, get people to do her bidding and transfigurate huge items from the Old Gym to other people's homes *for money* rivals that of both real-life and fantasy fictional characters. And don't anyone even *think* of taking over her role next year, she ain't goin' anywhere.

- The Edward From Twilight Award is a tie and goes to Peters Coberly and Smith for their enthusiasm in Housewares and their non-realization that it is important to display *all* the glasses in a set of six and not just two with the rest under the table "in case the customer wants extras."

- The Mad Hatter Award goes to Michelle Mackenzie for her lack of progress one evening with her $50 linen table and her need to tell every single volunteer about it. Michelle gets very stressed about her linens, bless.

- The Don't Mess With Me Award goes to Charlene Nelson for her leadership at the cashier table, a role that scares us literature majors to death. She stood guard over her money and her girls, showed fairness and generosity of spirit in mediation disputes, a calm, unflappable attitude with our bargain hunters; and still gave the sense that she would bash you over the head with her cash box if you gave her any trouble.

- The Little Miss Cuteness Award goes to second grader Ellie for sorting out the stuffies with such care and attention and especially the bang-on English accent she assumed the moment she met me.

- The I-Might-Look-Like-A-Boy-But-I-Do-The-Work-Of-A-Man Award goes to Justin Olague for his loading and unloading of other people's detritus, his willingness to help around the Gym and particularly his advice to my fourth graders to work very hard and tap Chris for extra credit.

- And last but not least, The Poet-Laureate-Shakespeare's-Fool-I'm-Too-Sexy-For-My-Rummage-Sale-Dress Award goes to ........*me* for making myself a legend in my own lunchtime with my scintillating tales of the Rummage Sale Warriors And Their Intrepid Adventures Into The Wilderness of Warriordom. Thank you for listening, thank you for your support; I've enjoyed writing for you and loved every minute.

And with that, I will bid you adieu until next time; we'll have a new Governor, our children will be older but the sense of community and purpose will be the same. Just remember, when you are next tempted to throw something out, the Warrior Women of the Rummage Sale *will* be back to rumble the rummage, break all the records, and get just about everyone involved in the process.

Alison, in a dress from the 2009 CLC Rummage Sale Collection. March 2010.

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