Sunday, March 21, 2010

The Rummage Sale Is Over

Toys are scattered here and there, dust bunnies rolling in the wind, the clock is still on pre-daylight savings; and that's just at my house.

The Rummage Sale is finally over; our weary Warriors are resting. There were bruises, there were broken nails, there were problems, there were crises but mostly there was the satisfaction of a job well-done. The team and community spirit that carries the Rummage Sale is second-to-none; I haven't worked alongside a better bunch of people. As we reflect on our recent days, the enduring memory for me will be of how oppositional working the Sale is to the rest of our lives'. Technology is on the periphery instead of being central, sitting at a computer screen replaced by physical labor, independent and fractured working relationships displaced by a huge body of individuals working in unison to achieve a common goal without rancor or disharmony. It is almost medieval in its' simplicity.

But for now, the Old Gym is quiet and empty, the Goodwill trucks arrive tomorrow. Our Warriors have returned from battle and reacquaint themselves with family. Money people will count our takings and lessons will be learned. But most of all, the connection, the team spirit and sheer quality of people stand out as we march on with purpose.

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